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Chaos, chaos, chaos. Maria hated chaos. The other boy, the one with the J name, came out of nowhere waving his gun around, he'd fallen, he was freaking out, the third boy- a redhead- looked scared, the first boy, John, was still on the floor, and she was of one mind just to pop everyone in the damn head right about now, just so they would all shut up, stop yelling at each other, urgh, why is everyone yelling all of a sudden, this is so stupid, what do people think this is gonna accomplish, like- wait. What?

"I... I didn't load the shotgun... "

Oh. Well, hell.

So, what had that J-boy been ranting about? Putting our weapons down? Well, I might as well, now. This thing's useless. Maria sighed and rested the shotgun at the ground by her feet. No idea how to use that thing, anyway...oh well. She sniffled rather pathetically, looking back and forth between the boys, putting on her best cutesy act for the cameras.

"I...um...can everyone please calm down...? All the yelling, it's...it's hurting my head..." All in the puppy dog eyes, Maria. Works on everyone. "M-my name's Maria. C-can we all just try to...to get along?"
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