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A friendly clown welcomes you to LOCAH. It seems he would like to be your guide.
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Fuck this. I've got this clumsy-ass whore over here, the bitch with the gun here, and who's this pansy with the faggy accent? These guys aren't gonna last a second out here. But...the girl does have a gun. That's something. I'd rather have brass knuckles or something but...hell, she could kill me if she wanted. Garrett didn't even like acknowledging that thought. Killed by a girl? I'd rather just commit suicide. But...yeah, might as well not make enemies.

Garrett didn't take his eye off of Rose's gun, still ready with his shinai- though he had a feeling that he could better incapacitate anyone here with his bare fists. Even still, he looked more intimidating holding a weapon.

"Alright, well, I don't know any of you." For obvious reasons. "And I sure as fuck don't trust any of you. But we're all here, and I'm pretty sure no one here's playing." At least, not yet. "So we might as well not kill each other and try to get out of the fuckin' deadwood alive, eh?"

Garrett shrugged. "I can lead us out of here. I'm pretty sure I could beat anyone we'd run into in a fair fight. We run into someone with a gun, Rose can pop 'em. Sound good?"

Garrett wasn't all that sure the others would be good with his plan, but in all honesty, he didn't give a shit. Mostly what he wanted was some protection against the gun-wielders. Rose could do that. If they said no...

What the fuck ever. These losers will wish later they went with me. I'm good to my space monkeys.
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