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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Cheer up, emo kid.

Brook was so overloaded that, at first, he couldn't even process what Jason had just said. Jason, his friend, probably the closest he ever had at the school. Always there to be an absolute dork, woo the girls with his accent that Brook considered to be an unfair advantage, and to lighten up the mood. He thought that everything would be instantly better as soon as he found one of his friends, and here, Brook had lucked out about as hard as he possibly could. His best friend, right here to keep him company. It hadn't cheered him up one bit.

Brook stifled his sobbing, choking down what tears remained and snorting on a glob of snot in his nose that had loosened in his fit. Swallowing and clearing himself up, he straightened his back and looked up to Jason, though he hadn't the strength to lift himself up off of his knees.

He wasn't just looking at Jason, he was glaring. The gears were finally setting themselves back in place and turning, and the wires finally connected on what Jason just said. Cheer... up? Cheer up!? Just when I think you can't get any dumber... fuck... you stupid, upside-down Aussie FUCK! Brook's jaw had tightened up until his teeth began to strain under the pressure, and his masseter muscles quivered in exertion. At this very moment, his imagination was running without restraint, depicting him beating an exaggeratively emotional Jason with his bare hands, pistol whipping him a few times, and then shooting him.

Jason was looking around, though, not noticing his tantrum. Brook opened his mouth to speak, but his throat was too much of a strained wreck. Or maybe it was his mind? One or the other, he found himself unable to talk, and his mouth shut again with an audible 'clomp'. Could this get any more unbelievable?

Then Jason dropped another pun. The answer to that question was a resounding, kneecap shattering yes.

Brook rose to his feet to stare into the eyes of the other boy, shaking his head. "The hell are you on, sh-shithead!?" Brook growled. The hand that had a grip on the liberator was clenched as tightly as his left; to be completely honest, he had nearly forgotten about it, since the element of danger had been punted into the atmosphere to make way for irritation. "We're on an island, being told by some whackjob to kill each other, we're all sniveling wrecks, and you stand in front of me to make jokes!?" Brook's voice had raised by this point, his arms stretched out to either side of him. "What, you think you're punny or something!? You think this whole thing i-..."

Brook paused, his arms flopping back down to his hips. What was that he just said? ... Punny?

Oh. Oh son. Of. A. Bitch.

The poor boy drooped forward, shaking his head. "I hate you. I hate you so much..." His voice just barely managed to squeeze out the last word before Brook tilted forward, wrapping his arms around Jason in a hug. Jason was the type of guy who, hopefully, would be able to forgive him for all of that. This was just way too much to handle at one point, and he was unable to appreciate the fact that his best friend was, of all the times, putting aside his own tremendous stress to try and cheer him up. And in response, he had selfishly snapped back.

With a ragged sigh, Brook pulled back from Jason, turning in his left arm so he could cough into the crook of his elbow. A good deal of mucus had accumulated from all of his 'emo kid' tantrums, which he managed to dislodge. A bit got on the inside of his sleeve, but Brook caught some of it with his teeth and spat it out. Taking one more long, deep, ribcage displacing breath to get himself set, he looked back up at Jason and adjusted his hair while listening to the boy.

So, they had to find more of their friends, that made sense... strength in numbers. Sure. "I can't... I can't promise I'll be as uplifting as you, okay?" Brook started softly, trying to regain his indoor voice. "But thanks, man... I'll try to be as good to them as you were to me." Brook stared down to the junky little gun in his right hand, then back up to Jason.

"It isn't much... but I think if you give me a moment, I could try and figure it out. I've never actually worked a gun before, so... uh-". Brook was cut off by some sounds. It sounded relatively nearby, and, to his horror, Brook realized that they had to have come from another student.

"Oh god!" He bemoaned at his misfortune, pointing his weapon in the direction of the noise. "Y-You heard that too, huh?"
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