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Steven exhaled a sigh of relief. It was a mildly stupid question to ask, especially considering that most people probably wouldn't reserve to killing everyone in sight right off the bat, and if the boy in front of him wanted Steven dead it wouldn't have mattered to ask politely in the first place. Still, he stood seemingly awaiting an attack. He slowly put the knife back in his daypack, caked on blood flaking off as he did so. It was only now he noticed the cricket bat sticking out of his duffel bag. He was not much of a fan of the sport, but he now remembered fondly the film Shaun of the Dead. The memory was made bittersweet by the thought of having to brain some of his peers with it.

Examining his newfound surroundings, he saw a mildly dense forest surrounding him that wasn't much different than the forests in Northern Ontario. It was a bit thicker, but it was most likely similar in terms of having to survive in it. Back home (way back home) he did quite a bit of camping outdoors, and knew for better or worse how to deal with survival in a forest. Of course, people weren't trying to kill him back home; just enraged bears. Whether that was better or worse, Steven wasn't entirely sure.

Upon the boy's surprisingly calm comment towards his own demise, Steven raised an eyebrow. He couldn't understand someone not being at least a bit irate that they'd been kidnapped, fitted with an explosive collar and left to die on an island. Shaking his head, he couldn't help but chuckle at the boy's placidity. Cracking an almost invisible smile, he responded.

"Umm... sorry, you seem a bit calm about... uhh.... this whole thing. You're just ready to die like that?"
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