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He's okay. Thank fucking Jesus or Buddha or WHOEVER THE FUCK, I DON'T EVEN CARE ANYMORE, he's fucking alive and okay and holy shit everything's going so fucking good right now-

Hayley's mind screamed with joy as she embraced Alex, as tightly as she could. Something about this- something about finding the people she loved, still alive, still okay- and especially now, with Alex, still being himself- made the situation a whole lot less fucking terrifying. Things were normal. Well, except for the sword clenched in her hand, and the gun in that other boy's hand, and- what was Alex holding? looked like some weird Gameboy, or something- and the fact that...well, it was fucking Survival of the Fittest and all of them were gonna have their brains blown out at some point in the next few days.

But besides all that. Just another day in the magical life of Hayley Kelly.

She felt Alex release her, and his first words-

"Holy shit, you're smoking! You have a lighter!"

"You fucking dickhead!" she said, laughing and punching Alex in the shoulder as he stole her lighter. "That's the first thing you say to me? I could have been dead and you're all ohmygod NICOTINE!? Love you too, bitch!" She grinned a wide grin. It wasn't like she couldn't relate- she took a long pull of her own cigarette.

Hayley motioned over towards Madelyn. "This is Madelyn. You've...have you two met? I dunno. Whatever, you're friends now, 'kay? So be cool. And..."

She looked over at the other two. The first, the other boy whose name she still didn't know, had spouted off some sarcastic bullshit in response to her attempt to keep him from shooting her. So good news: he wasn't shooting her. Bad news: he was apparently kind of a dick. Whatever. And the girl- Charlene- apparently she had a gun too.

Did everyone get a goddamn gun EXCEPT ME and MY friends? What the FUCK, Danya. Way to be a dick.

Hayley returned her attention to Alex, who was once again speaking.

"Hayley, I think I have an idea for how to get off the island. I'll explain in a bit, but right now I'm starting to feel a little exposed here. You and your friend should come with us."

And before Hayley had the chance to respond, the other boy spoke-

"Well. We ain't no Intrepid Six, I'll tell you that much, but they all ended up dead so that might be a good thing. I don't know most of you, some of you I don't care to know. We want out, we want our friends out, so the sooner we get off this fuckhole and go back home, the better." He started walking away, but stopped and turned back to Alex.
"You coming? After all, someone has to be the leader."

Hayley blinked. It was somewhat odd, seeing this boy refer to the apparently weaponless Alex as a leader. She also noted, yet again, that this other boy was clearly a complete dick. But then she backtracked mentally to what Alex had said first-

"Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. An escape plan?"

She sighed. She SO should have expected this. This was Alex, after all. Idealistic to a motherfucking fault. Out to be the hero, rescue all of his friends, all of that jazz. Of COURSE that's what Alex was doing. Hayley, on the other hand, had no such visions of glory. Her current idea of a good outcome for all of this was that she'd die with her friends by her side, and hopefully with one of them being that one person to live. That was what she was hoping for.

Escape? Not going to fucking happen. Christ, Alex, what are you thinking?

"Alex...kid, you know I love you and all that, but...fuck, haven't you ever watched this show? Shit, smarter kids than us have tried to escape and you know what happens? They die. They don't even have a chance. Think we can do better? Do you really? Stupid fucking question, actually, I know you, boo, you totally think we have a shot, but I don't. I don't know what your plan is and I'm still pretty damn sure it's not gonna work. No offense, kid. But, like...right now I'm prioritizing finding the people that I don't want to die. Like you. We've gotta find the others, man! Like, what about Jay? I have this mental image of him bugging out somewhere without us and are we just gonna fucking leave him so we can plan our amazing magic escape? Fuck, man. I love you, and I wanna stick with you through this shit, but like...priorities, man. Priorities."

Hayley stopped, surprised by how much she'd said.

But hell-her point had DEFINITELY been fucking made.
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