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((Clio Gabriella continued from Testing Faith....1...2..3))


Clio was still fuming from having her second deserved kill stolen. By a whimpy Australian FAGGOT no less, who only managed to get the upper hand on her because of dumb luck! Clio was fuming all the way from the beach where she claimed her first victim. She should have taken his gun, she KNEW she should have taken it...

It wasn't long until the beach turned into woods, sand into dirt. Clio had something to kick at now without sending debris into her eyes.

God, what was going to happen now? She had a gun but, lethal as it was, her hands were busted and she couldn't shoot for squat. That one kill was lucky. She was going to have to find another way.

More of her classmates came into view. And there were 3 of them this time, instead of just two. And they weren't standing in a row or anything. So if she wanted to kill, it was going to have to wait until she could figure out how to shoot again without withstanding agony.

Still, that didn't stop her from holding the gun in both hands, aiming it at them, and calling out, did it?

As she got closer, and more into sight, she announced her prescence.


This was going to take a big effort, since Clio wasn't the best actress in the world.

"Hands where I can see them!"

That's it Clio, play the scared little girl...they have no idea...

"You aren't playing, are you?"
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I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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