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Joshua was still in a state of shock when he noticed Everett heading off to investigate the noise ahead of him, prompting him to come along as he did so. He didn't really expect someone like Everett to be the kind of guy to rush off exploring the source of a recent explosion... Then again, when Joshua really thought about about it, he didn't actually know that much about him. Maybe the guy has hidden depths or something? Maybe deep beneath that overweight, nerdy exterior lies the heart of a true and brave hero... Nah, i'm just thinking about it too deeply...

... Wait, why the hell aren't I following him?

"Hey, wait up!"

He stumbled for a second as he quickly followed suit, trying his best to follow his new (potential)ally along the mountain trail without falling over and breaking his neck like an idiot. Damn! Who'd of thought it'd be so hard to keep up with a chubby guy like Everett!

It didn't take long until Everett had come across the source of the explosion, only to react to it by falling onto his knees and vomiting all over the ground. Joshua couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the sight, his first instinct being to make an attempt at calming the poor guy down.

"Woah, hey there man. Its okay... I'm sure it isn't that......"

Then he saw what Everett was crying about. Namely the headless corpse of Remi Pierce.

"... OH F---"

He covered his mouth and looked away almost immediately, sheer force of will alone being the only thing stopping him from vomiting on the spot himself. Never in his entire life had he ever witnessed anything truly as horrifying or disturbing as the sight that lay before him. Sure, he'd watched countless gory movies in the past. Wasted countless hours playing gory videogames. Hell, he even somehow stomached that infamous "Offended" page on Encyclopedia Dramatica once... But not even THAT, in all its gratuitousness could have prepared him for seeing the real thing. Jesus... So much for videogames and violent movies desensitizing the real deal...

He looked back at the body briefly, assuring himself that it really was someone's corpse and not just some trick of the light. He couldn't really blame Everett for his reaction... Hell, he was kinda surprised he didn't empty the contents of his stomach all over the floor himself.

Little to say, the sight was more than enough to remind Joshua just how dangerous the situation really was... At least partially.

Oh god... People really ARE dying out there, aren't they? This isn't some fucked-up hoax or anything, Mr Whatshisface really means business... Not good. Not good at all...

Another thing that the sight brought attention to was the problem with trying to remove the collars...

Poor bastard... So this is what happens to people who try to screw with the system, huh? They end up getting their head blown off...

Jesus... I'm gonna have to be more careful then. Removing this thing around my neck isn't going to be as easy as I thought it'd be...

Another loud sob from Everett quickly reminded him of his existence, and the fact that the longer they stick around this corpse the worse its going to get...

"Uh... I dunno about you, but I think it'll be best that we move somewhere a little less... Well, y'know, corpse-infested..."
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