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No answer. Either they were expecting an ambush, or they were planning one. Noting that he had heard two people talking, he hoped that Trevor and Gary were simply being cautious. It was entirely likely that the death had started already. He figured he'd take his chances. It was also entirely likely that two non-players had met up, and one was armed with an actual weapon, as opposed to a potential weapon.

"I'm not playing!" He called out, as he stood in the doorway, hands up, grasping his key in his right hand so that it was visible between his index finger and thumb. "All they gave me was a key. I'm thinking it might open something in here, so I came to check it out." Simon paused for a moment. What should I say?

"There's no risk. I'd have to be right next to you for me to do anything stupid, and if you have anything that's useful, you could take me out before then."
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