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Jason only realized his (deadly?) mistake when Sarah stormed off.

"We'll go. C'mon Dutchy." She smiled briefly, and Jason noted for the first time how red her eyes were, and that she probably had been pretty down. Then Dutchy faced him, looking like he was trying all he could to stay standing.

"Sorry... I... I don't feel so well all the sudden. Excuse me, V-Vi-Viπ sjαumst, Sj-Sjαumst sνπar..." Jason didn't get the last part. He spoke Hindi pretty well, and he was okay at French, but he had never learned Scandinavian.

Oops. He winced at their reactions. Did I just make things worse? He opened his eyes to see a tall guy walking towards him. Jason was about to approach him when the tall guy yelled.

"SARAH! DUTCHY!" He ran past Jason, hugging Sarah right after dropping his bags and what seemed to be a revolver in the sand.

Stupid. That was just stupid. Jason was a relatively honest guy, but there were some people playing. Some would have picked up the gun and simply started shooting. Jason just walked over to see the three of them, along with a fourth guy, sitting up by a tennis racket, all the while sipping his beer.

So we have three useful items here. Jason shook his head. He was trying to figure everything out, but now was less the time for being a calculator. It was time to just be a guy. He looked at the dropped bags as he approached the group. All he could see was "ENDAN (Brendan?) WALLACE." He looked at the gun. It looked like it could do some damage, and Brendan didn't seem to be playing to win. Jason just walked over, knelt down, and made the move that would either solidify an alliance or end his short life: he knelt down, picked up the gun with his left hand, ensuring the gun was pointed down, pushed out the cylinder with his index and middle fingers so that it couldn't be fired, and held it out as he stood up, being careful to keep his fingers away from the trigger.

"Um, hello, Brendan, is it? Not to be intrusive or rude or anything, but you dropped this. I'm a pretty honest fellow, but there might be others willing to take advantage of a loose weapon."
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