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it was a graveyard smash
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Hearing another voice outside of the two other girls in front of her, Fiona turned around and came face to face with Nik. He had spoken to Nik quite a few times since Evelyn was basically dating him and all. Speaking of Evelyn, Fiona wondered where her fellow cheerleader was and how she was doing. She hoped everyone from the squad was alright... They were like her sisters! Lowering her axe a little, Fiona grinned slightly at Nik and greeted him. "Oh, Nik! I think we're all doing okay." At this point, she realized that Jessica was panicking and clutching onto Alex... She was blabbering about Omar Burton killing someone. Wait, what was going on? Fiona hadn't seen Omar, but...

Man, Jessica was really freaking the hell out. Fiona was still on the confused side, seeing as she had yet to see the body just yet. Survival of the Fittest still wasn't a complete reality to the teenager.

When Jessica gave Fiona a short 'hi' and said nothing else, Fiona felt a bit awkward. Well, of course, they were strangers, but... Maybe Jessica disliked her or something? She honestly wasn't sure. She seemed to be a bit more talkative with Alex and Nik, so perhaps she knew them a lot better than Fiona? Regardless, Fiona stayed quiet until Alex greeted her with a very bright smile. Fiona returned the smile and shook her head. "Nice to see you too! I'm doing just fine, but... Warren?"

What happened to Warren? Fiona felt out of the loop. There was a part of her that wanted to stay oblivious, but another part of her that was electrified with morbid curiosity. Without being able to help herself, Fiona looked around for anything that looked vaguely like a corpse or the remains of Warren Brown. Her eye caught something in the flower bed, a mere lump with blood blossomed on his front. Her breath died for a moment as she took a step back. She couldn't avert her eyes. She wouldn't react as Jessica had, for Fiona wasn't the one who had witnessed the murder or the offender, but... It was still very shocking for her. In most cases, she would have been able to convince herself that her classmates were still good. Her classmates would never turn against each other and kill! Absolutely, positively never. But here was the proof, right in the open. It made Fiona sick.

"Warren... I-I can't believe it. Why would someone do that? I just can't believe there are people actually trying to play this twisted game! Seriously!" Fiona stomped her foot.
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