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Ericka soon realized that escape options were far fewer than she previously thought. The tide appeared to be coming in, making the beach to her right almost non-existent. The beach to the left was wider, but it soon turned a corner making it's safety an unknown. She certainly wasn't going to go through where the boy's voice came from, and the woods to the front-right seemed to be thick enough to slow down her escape.

Ericka grimaced, although she might be wrong about it, there appeared to be only one way that was clear enough that she could mount her escape. Right in front of her, where Rena's voice had come from.

Only occasionally dropping her guard out of necessity, Ericka knelt down and reached into her bags. Since it would be cumbersome to carry both bags, she stuffed the contents of the day pack into her duffel bag, with the exception of one clip of ammunition, which she tucked into her right sleeve in case she needed to quickly reload. She also put her glasses into their case before zipping up her duffel bag. When she was finished she lifted her bag up on her left side and pulled the strap over her head, hanging in off her right shoulder.

Returning her aim to her front, fear and nervousness nearly overwhelmed her, but she knew she had to work through it. While Survival of the Fittest truly was a scenario to be feared, if she let fear paralyze her she wasn't likely to last to the end of the day. Ericka took a deep breath, to calm and ready her mind, before walking confidently through the tall grass into the woods.
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