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God... Damn it... How... Persistent... Can... You... Get?

Robert asked himself in mind as Janet repeatedly kicked his shoulder. Already tired of this worthless scuffle, he wanted to make the one last jump on her, and...

"Boy'o, you've got about 5 seconds to get off that there girly and get the fuck outta here before I come over there, lube this here 45 pistol up real nice, turn that som'bitch side ways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!"

The fuck?

Rob immediately released Janet's leg and turned his head toward the interrupter. The guy who looked like he got lost on his trip through Scandinavia was keeping the safe distance from him and Janet while... Pointing a handgun right at Rob's chest.

Fuck. And here comes the knight in shiny armor...

As much as boy's attitude and lame taunt pissed Rob off, he couldn't argue with the gun. Robert had a vest on him, but as long as the guy wasn't a complete moron (and it was safer to assume he wasn't), he would know to aim for the head.

Rob slowly stood up and raised his hand in the air. Although judging from the guy's behavior, he was here to play the hero rather than kill anyone, making any unnecessary, frantic movements would be a suicide.

Rob stared silently at the Norse giving him a 'your turn' signal.
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