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Rosa stayed hunched down behind the sofa, low as she could manage without somehow compressing her bones and shrinking. She was already regretting this, mostly because she'd fucking forgotten to pick up any of her shit and had left it all in the bedroom. Might as well as hold up a glowing neon sign saying 'I'm here! I'm here! Shoot me in the face!'. Even if Rosa somehow didn't end up getting her idiot self killed for that mistake, she still had no way of recovering everything. Strictly speaking she could have bailed straight out of the windows behind her, but that would've left her without any supplies or spare clothes.

So this was where panic had brought her and unfortunately this was where she was going to have to stay for the time being.

Then, out of the blue, a voice called out. It was still deadened by the person speaking being on the other side of a door, but Rosa heard them well enough. Another girl... but not somebody Rosa was familiar enough with to identify through sound alone. Dammit. She listened without saying a word, smirking at what she heard from whoever the intruder was.

Okay, the facts were that this girl was more than likely telling the truth, Rosa could understand the sentiment completely. Entering through a window was just the next progression of what Rosa had herself done. Anyway, the motives that were being claimed were more or less the same; wanting a place to hide out for a bit where you didn't have to worry about somebody popping up out of every shadow.

But the thing was... enough doubt existed in Rosa's mind for her to distrust this mystery voice. How the hell did she know whether this was just a trick? Rosa knew that if she was playing, she wouldn't just jump into every situation with all guns blazing, particularly if she didn't have very good weapons. She'd looked to take things a little more subtly, minimise the effort and maximise the gains. Trickery worked a lot better than brute force.

It was kinda like flirting.

So Rosa didn't say a word from her little hiding place, just waited for the other to make the first move. Rosa didn't want to get into a fight, but she had to get the measure of whoever had broken in before she welcomed them with open arms. Doing that would be an apt way to get burned. Besides, there was no harm in avoiding tipping her hand. This other girl clearly had a gun (well, unless they were bluffing about the mexican standoff thing), whereas Rosa had... well, nothing to remark upon. Best not to reveal that unless she absolutely had to.

C'mon... psyche out. Psyche out. Freak and think I'm setting for an ambush...
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