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This is quite possibly, the worst day of my life.

Roland barely had time to acknowledge Dave and Meredith before another figure appeared behind them, startled at first, he raised up his knife before he realized who it was.


She'd somehow made it around behind them. He cocked his eyebrow confused and lowered the knife, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank God, look Isabel-" He began before Dave interrupted him. The other boy was holding up something -a torch?- shining it in his face. With his free hand, Roland shielded his eyes from the light source, bright in the darkened maze.

Dave spoke, "Shit, Roland? It's Roland right?"

Roland realized he'd be holding his breath, awaiting the inevitable "Prepare to die!" from the trio. When it didn't come however he let go. His heart was still beating fast in his chest from the run over. He opened his mouth to explain.

"Okay look, let me explain." He gazed at Isabel. "When I woke up I was- WHAT THE FUCK!"

Out of nowhere, the crumpled form of Meredith jumped up, and began running full speed towards Roland, screaming at the top of her lungs,throwing Dave out of the way. The boy protested, but didn't aim to stop her. Roland was stunned by the action, and realized what had occurred.

She's snapped. She's gone. She was always a little fucked up, fucked up gothic girl, but now holy shit, she's gonna try to kill you!

Instinctively he gripped the knife in his hand, his eyes darting down towards it.

You can't kill her! You know her! God Dammit, this isn't what it's supposed to be like..!

Before he could speak or move, Meredith was already upon him, slamming her weight into him with all the force she could muster. Roland unprepared, stumbled backwards, dropping the knife and his pack.

Stupid Roland, stupid!

The object came flying towards his face, and for a second Roland was sure he was about to be decapitated on live TV, killed by his own inability to react. But as the hit came, smacking hard into his neck, Roland realized that Meredith had a blunt object. A blunt object that hurt like a son of a bitch, but a blunt object. The shock of the sudden unprepared strike jolted through Roland as he stumbled backwards, for a second he thought it was powerful enough to have broken something. He cursed in pain and reached out, grabbing her right wrist and her left shoulder. Meredith's plan was good, as far as shock tactics went. If it was a bladed weapon, Roland would be already dead. But the harsh reality was, after one hit he was still standing.

Roland was 6''5, around 200 pounds of mostly pure muscle, fine tuned by years of Rock Climbing, Survivalist Training, Hiking and Army Prep Drills.

Meredith was 5''5, light as a feather, wearing high-heeled boots and liked to call herself Pandora Black.

Roland picked the girl up, whipped her around, and flung her, back first, against the nearby wall. She smacked against a mirror, and the noise reverberated through the darkened hall as she fell to the floor. Roland staggered back, gingerly touching his neck.

I could've killed her just then. If I threw with full force, she'd been knocked right out, she'd have been out, but- why? Why did I only aim to hurt her? She's trying to kill me, and I'm throwing her out of the way? God Dammit! What did she hit me with!? Is that some sorta staff...? Nunchucks? My knife, where did my knife go!

Roland glanced about, frightened for a second. The last thing he needed was for Meredith to grab it and jab him in the leg when he wasn't looking. Luckily however, the knife lay just a few feet away with his pack, Roland scooped it up and spun it around, ready to stab her as she regained her composure. Once more, he hesitated.

Roland, you're a fucking pussy. Stab her! Stab her while she can't run at you again!

Instead however, Roland opened his mouth and began to speak.

"Meredith, Pandora, whatever! Stay down, I don't want to hurt you!" He looked back towards Dave and Isabel, they were standing there, just watching the proceedings.

Would it kill you guys to help out when a crazy bitch runs at me!? Fuck sake!

"I don't want to hurt people! I want to join up, I mean," He licked his lips, trying to formulate his thoughts. He backed up away from the fallen girl. "We'll stand a better chance as a group. We started out on the wrong foot, I mean, I just don't want you all sticking me like a pig, I need to watch out for myself!"

Somehow Roland figured his speech was lost on Meredith, but he couldn't quite say the same for Dave and Isabel.

"How about it guys? Let's form a regiment, yeah? Cut down on all this knife wielding..?"
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