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Has His Eye On Someone
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Jon watched as Peter left, following the catholic until he was far enough away that Jon felt he wouldn't do anything. He was about to say something to Alex when Charlene replied to his insult by pulling out a gun from her pants, (If Jonathan was of the immature short, he would make a joke about that.) and started waving it. Jonathan kept the gun trained on her, if she tried to shoot either of them, then he would retaliate. Course since Jonathan knew nothing about this gun, he would probably just end up shooting the tennis court or something.

"Watch it Charlene, don't want to blow off anything important while it's down there"

Alex told the two to quit it, so Jonathan lowered his gun as two more people entered the greens, specifically girls, both of which were armed. The nearest one, some dark-haired chick with lit cigarette, had some weird sword, while the other one, some orange and pink haired girl, was wielding what seemed to be a spear. The former seemed to be a friend of Alex's, given the way she ran over to him and then said she wasn't going to kill Jon.

"Oh good, one person isn't going to kill me about of two hundred and seventy five, what a relief" Jon deadpanned as he turned back to Alex, who was quickly getting his cigarette fix. The leader of their dysfunctional group then said they had to keep moving. Jon nodded as he looked at the small group and chuckled.

"Well" Jon said, standing behind Alex like the second in command of some rebel leader, which in some way he was. "We ain't no Intrepid Six, I'll tell you that much, but they all ended up dead so that might be a good thing. I don't know most of you, some of you" Jon glared pointedly at Charlene on that line, "I don't care to know. We want out, we want our friends out, so the sooner we get off this fuckhole and go back home, the better." Jon said as he started moving towards the woods, he stopped halfway and turned back to Alex.

"You coming? After all, someone has to be the leader"
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QOM: "Oh good, one person isn't going to kill me out of two hundred and seventy five, what a relief"
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