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They see me walking, they hating
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Dawne was finally shaken out of her own little world as she noticed a couple people out of the corner of her eye. She was still too far away from them to notice her, and at the same time she wasn't able to hear what they were saying. It was also a bit of a blessing that because of the her location, she was unable to see the body of Dallas Reynolds on the ground near them. All she knew was that there were people, and they weren't the ones she was looking for.

Rather than continue in the direction she was heading, which would take her too near the other two people for her liking, Dawne veered to the left, going away from her two classmates. She had seen this game before. Groups were bad. Especially if you didn't know the people in the group. Which wasn't to say Dawne didn't know them, she just couldn't tell from this distance. What she could tell was they weren't anyone she was looking for. She would look elsewhere.

((Dawne Jiang continued in Bump in the Night))
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