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The faceless fear
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((Post order changed with permission from Zetta Magnetic.))

Meredith glared at Dave for a few moments before her attention was caught up by something just behind him. She looked at Roland, her eyes flicking from the blood on his forehead to the reflection of his knife in the mirror next to him. It took her less than a second to size Roland up and react to his presence. She hadn’t even stopped to consider Roland’s motive. She had simply reacted instinctively to the presence of an unsheathed knife.

Quick as a wink, she released the side of the nunchuck she had in her left hand, gathering all three links in her right. Using her left hand to pull the bags off her shoulder, she shook herself out of her bag straps and sprang to her feet, dropping her bags onto the floor behind her.

She’d seen people use nunchucks in movies before and they’d all hurt themselves with it. She wasn’t about to. Meredith brought the weapon across her body, holding it out horizontally in front of her and compressing all the links into a single thick (but slightly unstable) baton. She’d figure out how to use the it later. For now, it was a bludgeoning tool.

Meredith ran straight towards Roland with a loud shriek of anger which reverberated off the mirrors around the trio, echoing down the corridors of the mirror maze. She tried to give Dave a rough shove towards the open corridor behind her as she passed him, rapidly closing the distance between herself and her opponent.

“GET THE HELL OUT! NOW!” Meredith snapped at Dave.

Meredith lifted her left hand to hold the other end of the weapon. Holding her makeshift baton out at chest height, she launched herself at her opponent with the intention of slamming bodily into him weapon-first, bending her elbows just slightly to allow herself some cushioning to soften the blow.
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