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Alex let out a grunt as Jessica practically tackled her in a hug. She swayed slightly and then regained her balance. Letting her pack swing on her shoulder, she wrapped her arms around Jessica, feeling her tears wetting her shirt.

"Alex! Oh my god! I saw Omar Burton! I think Omar killed this guy! No, he killed him! I'm sure of that H-He killed him Alex! Everything was so blurry but he came up to me with a gun in his hand a-a-and he told me to be careful! And he was smiling! Omar had a gun! Oh my god! Alex, what the hell is going on?! Someone like Omar, I-I heard that plenty of people didn't like him, that he avoided making friends in class but I didn't expect him to do this! How could he kill someone Alex?! Why?"

Well that answers one question, but why, why would Omar do something like that? Alex patted Jessica’s back hoping to calm her down some. “Easy, easy Jess,” she soothed. “He’s gone for now at least and hopefully that means that we’re safe.” Although that could change any minute, Alex thought and she wasn’t exactly ready to defend herself. In spite of this thought, she instinctively reached out to steady Jessica when she stumbled away from her. “Easy, deep breaths,” she said parroting the TV crime shows she occasionally caught.

Alex turned them both so that they were facing away from Warren, for the time being. They shouldn’t just leave him like that however. Maybe she’d broach the subject when Jessica was a little stronger. When she looked up she saw one of the cheerleaders head over to her. She didn’t mix with the cheerleaders much, but she recognized this one because she was the exact opposite of the rest of the squad. Alex admired that she still dared to be different.

She gave Fiona her best smile after the girl introduced herself. “Hey Fiona, nice to see you. Welcome to our little group.” Before she could say more Nik Kronwall appeared on the scene as well. “Hey Nik, I think we’re all doing as well as to be expected. Jessica’s a little shaken, but then she saw what happened to poor Warren. How about you two,” she asked. “You okay?”
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