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(GM approved by DN)

Winnie was like a cat stuck in a tree. James thought that this whole situation should be hilarious, but he didn't feel like laughing. Instead he just sighed and looked over at Ricky. That was when he noticed Raine. She was a foreign girl, german James figured. A cute girl, like teddybear cute. This illusion wasn't just a simple one, she seemed very nervous. James didn't blame her. She had a speargun pointed at the ground but James didn't think she'd ever use it on him. James smiled at her.

"Oh. Hey Raine." James only remembered Raine's first name. He didn't really know all that much about her other than that. He scratched the back of his head. "No. Winnie Clark is stuck in a tree."

He didn't mention how Winnie was bleeding, as he felt a pair of arms hug him. It was Thea! She had snuck up on him, so he jumped a bit, but he eased into the hug.

"Oh my god, Thea!" He hugged her back, smiling. "Thank god! You're-"

Winnie screamed about getting a ladder. This annoyed James. What was she expecting?! For him to fly up and save her? They were trying their best to get her down!

"Well I'm sorry Winnie," he groaned, holding his hand to his head, "but it's not like I carry a ladder everywhere, just so I can save girls stuck in trees! You've got to work with me here! I know you're scared but you have to-"

Thea pushed him forward. Wait what? She wanted him to climb up there... no... James looked back at Thea, biting his lip. For once, he actually wished Thea hadn't stepped in. James figured he would be able to get Winnie down by just calling to her. He looked over at Ricky. Maybe if Ricky went up there? No luck, Ricky decided to be the guy on the bottom. Great, just great. James grew scared. He stared up at Winnie.

It wasn't that James didn't want to help Winnie. James didn't like heights. He had never told Thea that, hell he hadn't told anyone other than his family. So being lifted up so high to catch Winnie struck a cord in his head, a bad one.

"B-But-" James looked over at Thea, then back at Ricky. "B-But why-"

He looked back at Thea one last time. His mind wandered back to the day of the Senior trip. They sat together on the bus. He could remember a few things. Thea laughing, her hands pressed in between her knees. James smiling wide, looking over at the people sitting across from them. Thea's lips against his cheek. Her butterfly kisses always tingled and made him feel things that he never thought he could. Was it passion? Was it puppy love? James was never quite sure, but he liked being with her. Thea could be a little pushy, at times, like right now, but he could easily overlook that. He liked Thea.

James sighed. "Alright, alright, I'll do it. Ricky, stay there."

Ricky nodded as he sat there, his fingers laced. James let Ricky hold his one foot, though it was clear he was still nervous. Could Ricky hold him up? Ricky struggled but he managed to boost James up far enough. James braced himself against the tree with his one hand, stretching out his other for Winnie. He was up far enough so she could get off. James begged that Winnie would at least take the bait. He wasn't sure how long he'll be able to hold this.

"Winnie!" He called, staying as still as he could. "Here I am! Just wrap your arms around me and we'll lift you down!"

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