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After a few minutes passed, two men walked up the hill to Rose. Neither of them were anything like what Rose wanted to see, and both wanted to know her name.

Oh no, Rose thought. I've got a horribly-dressed imitation version of Udo Kier along with the biggest asshole since the end of The Wall following me.

She scanned the area and realized that she probably shouldn't have been that worried. Garrett, the asshole, was armed with a wooden sword (of all things) and Rein, the weird German, was armed with a paring knife. On the other end of the stick, Rose had a handgun. If it came to a fight, she already had a deceptively simple plan: shoot both of the idiots before they got in melee distance.

However, she put this plan on the back burner for now. The first thing to do was introduce herself, since both of the idiots had asked her name.

"I'm Rose." She realized that she was holding the gun, and that Garrett, at the very least, was glaring at it. "Don't mind the gun, the safety's on and I'm not killing anyone that doesn't attack me first."
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