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Me? Why, what a wild and crazy accusation! No no, it was that OTHER girl.
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((Etain Brennan continued from Flicker))

"God damn it, Kris. Aren't ya a foine eejit, runnin' like tha'. Oi jus' wanted ta talk ta ya, and ye leg off." Etain was still muttering to himself, long after he lost his girlfriends (?) track. Maybe if he'd just ran after her, instead of stopping over that girl, he'd have caught her. Not bleeding likely, considering how damn fast she was. Even if he did keep on her, even he didn't splash face first on the water, she'd still outrun him. God, he just wished he'd found her sooner. If he just pulled himself together a little sooner, maybe he could have stopped her. Or she might have shot him. No. No, it was an accident. There was no way she meant to kill that girl. She was scared, rightly enough, and the girl must have surprised her. Any number of reasons. Kris was no killer, and he couldn't believe that she meant to kill anyone.

That was just one in a long line of things that was making this the worst day of his life. It's not enough that he's stuck on an island with the goal to kill everyone around. It wasn't enough that his best friend and love-interest killed someone and took off. No, his clothes had to be soaked on top of everything. It was like some great joke, like some Cosmic being was looking down and grinning. 'You think things are rough now? Let's have you risk catching a chill while dodging guns and knives'. God, all he wanted was to catch a break. Just to see a friendly face that wouldn't run off when he said hello.

Seeing how there wasn't any rush, and that Kris was long gone, he might as well take a breather. He'd been going full tilt ever since the swamp, ad he was beat. Now that he wasn't running as full tilt, he took notice of his surroundings. A thin line of trees separated him from a beach on his right with more thickets on every other side. If he was going to take a breather, he might as well catch some rays while he was at it. Etain pushed through the branches before emerging in the harsh sunlight overhead. Wincing, he dropped his extra bag and covered his eyes with his now free hand. After a second's thought, he set his bag down an began to rummage though it's contents. With a satisfied grin, he removed the C4, it's detonator, and the small pamphlet explaining how it would work.

Etain sat down in the shade, setting aside everything except the pamphlet. If he was going to be running around with explosives, it might help to know how they work. He only looked up when he heard voices further down the beach. By that point, he grasped the rudimentary idea of the time bomb in his day-pack, and, more importantly, how to work the safety on the detonator. He fiddled briefly with the panel on the face of the explosives until he thought it was set to the detonator. He then stuffed the explosives and the pamphlet back in his bag, while pocketing the detonator after triple-checking that it was set to safe. Maybe it wouldn't work for a trap, not with him constantly moving, but it would serve as a way to get out of a fight. After all, you wouldn't want to get close to a guy with his hand on the trigger of enough explosives to blow you both sky-high. Etain adjusted his hat before shouldering both bags and slipping back into the trees.

He made his way down the beach as quietly as possible until he neared the pair. Tabi? No way. Well, he did ask for a break, after all. He set Kris's bag down, but kept his thrown over his shoulder as he made his way through the trees. Now that he had a clear line of sight, he could see the second figure. He wasn't surprised that he didn't know him. He seemed to be brandishing an umbrella, which was...odd. Now, an umbrella didn't inherently pose much of a threat, yet he suddenly thought of Batman's Penguin. Odds were low it was an umbrella gun, but you never knew in this type of situation. "Tabi!" He called out, waving his left hand while keeping his right near the pocket with the detonator. "How're ya? Beginnin' ta tink tha' Oi was tha' only one about." Etain turned and offered a tip of his hat to the other boy. " 'Nd ye? How're we this foine mornin'? Least, Oi tink it's mornin'. Gettin' drugged tends ta mess wit me internal clock."
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