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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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"Omar?" Jessica gasped, her vision slowly returning to her. "Omar, is that you?"

Jessica was still very confused. Where the heck was she? The blur in front of her, it looked vaguely like Omar but she wasn't all that sure. She had heard from Josie that he knew Sierra, but she didn't know all that much about him. She felt something hit her in the arm and she scrambled to grab it. A water bottle. Omar was being so nice to her but... why?

"Oh, um, thanks?" Jessica replied, scratching the side of her head with the end of the bottle. Omar told her to take care and Jessica smiled sadly at him. "Uhh, you be careful too Omar. Really."

Jessica opened the cap to the bottle Omar gave her and drank from it, her bottom lip still numb. She wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Jessica coughed into her hand, tightening the cap back on the bottle. Jessica let out a sigh as she rested on the ground, her knees digging into the dirt beneath her. Guess I'll have to get up, she concluded. Now or never...

Jessica rose to her feet and brushed the dirt off her knees. She left her daypack and the opened bottle of water on the ground, and stretched her arms out, her tanktop riding up past her bellybutton. The drugs were wearing down now, and Jessica found herself... calming down. Funny. She looked around. It looked like she was in a town somewhere. Otherwise she really couldn't tell exactly. There was this big building, with a fountain nearby containing a figure of a naked woman. And then there was - wait, what was that? Jessica squinted her eyes. She started walking over to the figure on the floor with the rifle in her hands. It looked human... but there was a huge hole in it's chest? And all the red on the -

There was a corpse on the floor. The blood was still flowing, forming a large puddle that hurt Jessica's eyes just looking at it. The pool pushed against the side of her shoe.

Jessica turned her whole body away, her hand clasped over her mouth. The bile in the back of her throat seemed endless. This was disgusting sight and she couldn't stand to look at it. Who could have done something like - wait. Didn't Omar have a gun... wait... what?

Omar had killed someone. Omar had shot someone right in front of her, and she had just realized this. What the fuck?!?

“Look around. Danya had said. "Look at your classmates. How many of them do you truly know? How many would you trust with your life?"

Jessica wanted to scream. Jesus christ. This wasn't a game, this really happened! Jessica couldn't write this off! She couldn't just pretend that this was a dream anymore! Her breathing grew jagged though. It was almost painful to breath now. Her eyes were wide, her hands tightly wrapped around her gun. That was when she heard the voice break the silence, calling out her name. Jessica spun around on her heel and pointed her rifle at the figure in the distance. Recognition came quickly though, and Jessica lowered the rifle.

"Alex?" Jessica gasped. "Alex!"

She rushed over to her friend and with both arms outstretched she hugged Alex for dear life. She wasn't even worried about what kind of weapon Alex had or if she would ever use it. After what she had just seen, she didn't care if Alex was pointing a shotgun at her head! She gripped the sides of Alex's shirt tight, tears of fear and confusion running down her cheeks.

"Alex! Oh my god! I saw Omar Burton! I think Omar killed this guy!" It hurt Jessica to say that, but it had to be true. There wasn't anyone else around with a gun that she knew of. "No, he killed him! I'm sure of that H-He killed him Alex! Everything was so blurry but he came up to me with a gun in his hand a-a-and he told me to be careful! And he was smiling! Omar had a gun! Oh my god! Alex, what the hell is going on?! Someone like Omar, I-I heard that plenty of people didn't like him, that he avoided making friends in class but I didn't expect him to do this! How could he kill someone Alex?! Why?"

This begged the question. Why didn't Omar kill her? He had the opportunity. She had a weapon that he could have used. If he killed one kid then why the hell didn't he kill her too?! It made no sense! What did she do to deserve to live and this kid didn't? Was it because she knew Sierra and Josie? Why would he care?! She had never done anything for him! Why would he be so nice after killing someone in cold blood?! Why?!!

"Ahh..." Jessica's head was pounding. The drugs in her system were wearing down. She felt tired all of a sudden. Probably from all the yelling. She let go of Alex, stumbling away and bowing her head apologetically. "S-Sorry..."

Fiona came walking over and Jessica turned to look at her. She bit her lip, feeling a little wobbly in her legs. "Hi..." She left her mouth open, as though she were about to say something else, but she didn't say anything else. She would just let Alex do all the talking for now. She didn't feel like talking that much.

Niklas Kronwall was simply trying to be open in a very delicate situation. Jessica overreacted immensely but could you blame her? Jessica lifted her rifle off the ground, surprised by Nik's sudden appearance. She wasn't going to fire it, oh certainly not, but it almost looked like she was going to. She lowered it quickly though when she realized who it was. Nik was nice, though like most of her classmates she had never really spoken to him outside of the classroom. With one quick move she brushed the hair out of her eyes.

"Hey Nik." She said. "I'm -" She panted, holding her head. "... fine. " She looked at Nik, her hands trembling against the dart gun in her hand. She motioned to his gun with the barrel of her rifle. "I see that... you're lucky."

Jessica wanted to force a smile. She couldn't bring herself to do it. She wasn't in the mood.

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