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Janet's attention was redirected from being stunned when Robert's hand closed on her leg. It felt like it was in a vice, but she still managed to keep the hockey stick out of the way of his grasp. She snarled slightly, twisting in his grasp.

"Let go of me!" she screamed, kicking her free leg toward Robert's shoulder. She wasn't going to kick him in the face, as it would cause too much damage. An attacker or not, hurting people was not something Janet enjoyed doing.

And then a new variable entered the equation. Tobias, who had managed to avoid most of Janet's attentions concerning psychology. He seemed to her to be a rather straight forward individual, who had just threatened to ram a gun up Robert's ass sideways. A part of her wondered if he realized what they were actually knee deep in. He obviously wasn't a game player, or he would have just taken a shot at Robert. It wouldn't have mattered who was hit, after all. But the nearly comical threat revealed another part of the boy's psychology. It revealed that he didn't take the game very seriously. She filed that away in the part of her brain dedicated to useful information.
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