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Albert skipped, in a situation like this, quite literally skipped over to where his friend was standing, cheerfully carrying his new broken raft along with him. He was only a few feet away from Dougal when he fell to his knees. The motions made the light catch two things that Al noticed: the metal collar around his neck, and the streams of tears on his cheeks. Al's conscious mind slowly began to accept that maybe the dream WASN'T a dream, that maybe... maybe he HAD seen his teachers killed just a few yards away, and maybe he WAS about to watch his friends die around him until he too finally met his end. He finally began to accept the levity of the situation. Or he would have, if his subconscious hadn't had anything to say about the matter.

Albert Lions had spent his entire life completely failing to take anything seriously. Tests, injuries, risks of life and limb, nothing the boy had ever encountered had made him give anything more than a moment's thought. And he wasn't about to start now. Al did not panic. Al did not cry, or scream, or even frown. His mind would not let him. So what if we're in some stupid Survival thing? It's just reality TV. ...wonder when the producer will come on and ask one of us to 'lose' for the sake of ratings... His superego satisfied with the current state of things, and his id pleasantly placated, Al returned his attention to the going-ons around him. And, down in front of him, was something the boy's mind WOULD let him process.

"Dougal...?" Al crouched beside where his close friend, maybe his best friend, was doing something he'd never seen him do before. "D-don't cry, Dougal." He struggled to think of some way to cheer him up. "I... um... Oh! Did you hear the one about the.. uh... dog who tried to get a job...?" How did it go again? "Let's see... there's a dog, and he works for an office. No, wait, he WANTS to work for an office, and he's bilingual. He speaks Cat! Wait, that's the punchline..."
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