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((Brendan Wallace continued from Testing Faith....1....2..3))

He didn't know where he was.

Brendan didn't know where anyone was. Dammit, why didn't he have a plan for something like this? The sand below his feet looked like the same sand he had encountered a mere hour ago, back when everything happened. He was still tired, just wanting to go to sleep and forget about everything that was happening to all of them.

The only mere good thing that came out of his encounter with the killer with purple hair back at the beach was that he wasn't going to go down as easily as Chris was. He had a gun, and the mere inkling of an idea of how to use it. It was still clasped in his hand. He didn't want to have to use it, ever. If he had to, then...he didn't think about it. He would just find his friends, and then plan something out.

Brendan could see people in the distance. The urge within Brendan told him to run, escape, don't approach them. He had good reason to, since the only people he ran into were dead, killers, or on the run from killers. He had to take a chance, and approach them. If they wanted to play, then he would play against them. Gun against gun, grenade against gun, blade against gun, he would do whatever it took to get out of here and find his friends again.

He tried not to think about his friends, and what was happening to them. Anna, he wanted to find the most. She was his best friend, no matter how odd anyone thought their friendship. Dawne, his best friends best friend, he should find as well. And then there was Erik...he needed to find him as well. If this was their last few days together...

The figures became bodies in the light, and he to almost laugh at his luck on this occasion. No one could else could get this much metaphorical leprachaun in their pockets at this time besides Brendan Wallace.

It was them. His two other friends who he almost forgot about; Sarah, Dutchy. They were heading somewhere, away from a third figure he couldn't recognise, but that wasn't important right now. He had somewhere to stay, someone to stay with! Sarah shared almost all of his views of the world, at least most of the more sane ones, although they did seem to border on the insane every now and then. He often wondered why he never acted on what he always imagined he should do and ask her out. Too late for that, anyway, what with her and Reiko...and Survival of the Fittest.

And Dutchy...he was his first attempt at a boyfriend in America that didn't turn out well either. He wasn't willing to come out to the world at that time, and Dutchy was just too open for his tastes. It didn't last long to say the least.

Not knowing how the other guy was going to react to his presence, he started to run. He had to catch up to them. He couldn't stay alone like this, not now.

"SARAH! DUTCHY!" Brendan yelled, and before he knew it, he had passed the other guy, dropped his Taurus Raging Bull and his bag in the sand just before throwing his arms around Sarah like he hadn't seen her in months.

"...you're okay! You're both okay!" Brendan was in agony, his voice cracking, almost unable to cope with not knowing if any of his friends were alive or dead. He still had so many people to find, but he was glad, oh GOD he was glad, that he knew at least some of them were safe.

Releasing Sarah from his long, extended hug, he got over to Dutchy and hugged him likewise. Fuck, these people meant way too much to him right now to let his fears of people and being around love, contact, and commitment get in the way.

"Oh god, I thought I'd never see you guys again." Brendan said, his voice still cracking from the urge to break down in tears.
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