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Jackie froze where she was at the sound of Garrett's voice. She almost tripped over a dead tree root before she was able to get her bearings and turn around, slightly embarrassed. Why am I embarrassed, though? This is a serious situation we're in! A few steps towards the boy told her that he was holding a weapon that was not necessarily lethal. However, the thoughts of what he would have to go through to actually kill someone with it made her complexion go pale. Would he beat someone's skull in? Would he break it and stab the sharp splinters into someone's eyes? The possibilities were endless, and this was just the game to show them all.

She brought up an arm from her duffel bag and waved at him. She said, "Uh... hi!" before giving a nervous chuckle. He looked a little rough and tough, but he seemed like a good guy to her, though her judge of character wasn't exactly great. It was when Jackie saw the other girl that she remembered what Danya said about the contents of their duffels. The other girl in the area already had a gun. A shiver ran up Jackie's spine and she stepped back behind a large tree stump.

"I-if you keep that thing, then I don't think I can stay calm..." she whispered just loud enough for them to hear her.
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