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[B-049 Tobias Elwin Start]

Tobias barely knew anything about Survival of the Fittest before being plopped down on the island. He'd never watched the show, personally. He'd been too busy either working on cars and motorcycles or going on hunting trips with his father to bother watching much TV. So when he learned that he'd been kidnapped by terrorists and was going to be forced to fight to the death, he had no reason to believe that the American government wasn't about to come kick some terrorist ass in a few days. So, when he woke up, he went about calmly rummaging though his pack as if it were just another camping trip.

"Shoot, I bet the Marines are on their way already." He said to himself as he put on an unbuttoned black denim motorcycle vest over his grease-stained West Coast Choppers T Shirt before tying his American flag bandana around his arm like a badge of pride. After all, he reckoned they had probably been missing for a few days now, so rescue was probably on the way. He thought it was rather funny that they gave him a gun, though was a bit pissed that they took away his travel toolkit and his daddy's hunting knife. Those were two things he would have to go back and collect after the Marines were done kicking all sorts of ass. Who ever these terrorists were, they weren't too bright: Nobody fucks with America and gets away with it.

He had taken the time to read Dayna's little survival guide, laughing at the details of the book as if it were a cheap comic book. Like hell any of his fellow students were about to go off and kill each other. Instead of playing the game, Tobias had readied his pistol in the hopes of catching some small game even if the caliber wasn't exactly the most optimal one; hopefully he could find something like a hare or wild fowl. He'd be damned if all he was going to eat for the next few days was homemade venison jerky meant for a short trip and the rations they provided. It wasn't long before Tobias began to make his way through the deforested area, looking for a good place to set up camp.

Now there were many things about survival that Tobias could abide by in a desperate situation. After all, his father had prepared him for some of the things he might need to know in the event of a disaster. He could abide by a man stealing from his neighbor's stockpile to feed his children. He could abide by a man fighting another man for food. But if there was one thing Tobias was not about to abide by, it was a man beating up a girl, especially if it was just because some terrorist told him to.

"Well shit." He said as he watched the burly looking man charge the girl in the distance.

Seeing the large and clearly capable boy launching himself onto a girl like a rabid wolverine for no apparent reason, Tobias decided to act. He put down his packs and readied his pistol before jogging to about 10 yards away from them as they scuffled on the ground. At least the girl had gotten in a few good hits.

"Boy'o, you've got about 5 seconds to get off that there girly and get the fuck outta here before I come over there, lube this here 45 pistol up real nice, turn that som'bitch side ways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!" He yelled at the boy, hoping that he would give up and leave the girl alone. As long as he left peacefully, Tobias had no intention of harming him, or anyone else today for that matter. Unless of course, they deserved it.
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