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Trevorís eyes widened in surprise as the mystery boy gave a startled shout before falling to the ground as he backed away. A player would have ended it then, leapt forward and buried the hoe in the poor kidís skull. Maybe swing it like a golf club, take out the chin. Or go like Iíve a baseball bat. Iím sure that would work. Trevor chided himself on these thoughts. He wasnít about to play the game. Not in that sense. People die all the time. For the cause, fighting injustice. Anyone playing might as well take a pay check from Danya. They deserve the same.

The kid got to his feet again and introduced himself. Gary warned him not to jump out at people like that. It was good advice. If heíd had a gun, that could have been the end of me. But I knew he didnít have a gun, so I knew the risks. Could have thrown it at me I guess, that would have hurt. Trevor apologised. He lowered the end of the hoe towards the ground, holding it loosely. If needs be he could still swing it upwards but it was a less threatening stance.

ĎGary eh? Iíve seen you around, sorry to say I donít really know you that well. Sorry about the voice thing before, Iím not really myself when Iím doing someone.í He laughed and shook his head. ĎBut hey no harm done right?í

Trevorís eyes moved away from Garyís and centred on his chest. If he was about to make a move then it would show through his body language and he needed to see as much of it as he could. Just then another voice rang out.

ĎHello? Anybody there?í

Trevor cocked his head in the direction of the noise and put a finger to his lips. If they were lucky then this newcomer wouldnít know where they were. And if they didnít know where they were then they couldnít kill them. In theory.

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