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((B019 Maxwell Crowe begins))

Play it smart... Play it smart my ass, GODDAMNIT! I cannot even find a way out of this tunnel...

Maxwell Crowe, usually one of the most cheerful people around, now was close to exploding. He could make himself feel a bit better if he would just turn on the music on his iPod, but he decided not to. Even though he charged the batteries before the trip, he knew that abusing his only source of music too much will end up badly very soon. He decided to use it only in (or after if impossible outright) especially stressful situation and before sleeping.

And so he wandered through extremely dark corridors with flashlight in one hand, his designated weapon - Auto Mag handgun - in the other, and his mood got worse and worse with every turn leading to even more and more tunnels. His observing skills meant shit when he could hardly see anything at all. What's more he started to hear voices.

At first he dismissed them as the creation of his mind. He always felt uneasy if he was separated from music for too long, so hearing voices in that kind of stressful situation would be normal. But as he traveled through the dark tunnels, the voices were getting louder or more quiet depending on his position, so he figured there HAS to be someone nearby. And who knows, maybe they will lead him out of this hellhole.

He slowed down his steps as he the voices got loud enough to catch some single words. Whatever those people were talking about, interrupting them would be a stupid idea. At best he would disturb some random conversation, but at worst he could attract the attention of one of the many kids out for blood. And despite acting cool and rational, deep down in his heart Max was scared as hell. He didn't want to die (who did?). His parents were waiting for him, so did his friends from outside of the school.

What about those INSIDE? They are here as well. Maria, Duncan and others? Damn, will I see the ever again?

Finally, He saw a glimpse of light coming out of another turn he would pass in a minute by going forward, and the voices were finally loud enough to understand them clearly. He quickly turned off the flashlight and as silently as he could, he stuck his back to the murky wall just around the corner. And then he started listening. Were the owners of those voices friends or enemies? The time will tell. He tightened the grip on his handgun just to reassure himself, that he's not hopeless even in the worst case scenario.


Someone who named himself Peter was talking to someone. He clearly declared not wanting to play and offering alliance, no, friendship to that other person. Good sign for Max. Maybe he could join in and they would escape this place together. But some part of his mind was still skeptic.

What if he's just trying to deceit that other person?

He decided to stay silent and wait for the second persons answer.
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