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Can you hear me?
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She was sleeping... but a noise was bugging her.

It sounded like something was swooshing, or being moved around. She really wasn't sure what it was, and to be honest, she really wasn't in the best state of mind to figure out what that was. All she wanted to do right now was continue sleeping. My, was that a nice soft mattress she was sitting on? It felt kind of cool and lumpy, though. And that was an interesting air conditioner her mom must have put in her room, as it smelt kind of salty. Some of it did not seem right, though. The salty smell... the noises of things being moved around... the feel of the mattress... it really made her nervous, as if it reminded her of something she did not want to.

And that's when Carol Burke opened her eyes and saw that she was lying headfirst in... sand? The sound was continuing... what was it? She placed herself upwards in a criss-cross apple sauce position, rubbing her head for a few seconds, and once she looked up she saw something she did not want to see.

Water. Lots of it.

You see, Carol had suffered from a phobia ever since middle school. One summer, she had attempted to swim far out into the world famous Lake Tahoe, and had almost drowned. Ever since then, she had always feared water. Sure, a glass of water sitting on a table didn't bug her, but a pool? That freaked her out. And an ocean? Oh god, yes.

Water was cold. Water was strong. Water was salty. And most importantly, someone could drown in it.

Carol found her heart beat racing, as she stared at the waves coming in as if they were a wild animal. Sure, she was a few feet away from the highest point the tide came in, but that did not stop her from freaking out. Carol felt herself start to sweat, as her eyes widened out of fear.

How did she end up here?!

Was this some sort of sick prank? Although none of her friends she could really see leaving her out like this near open water (most of them knew about her fear), there were her some of her classmates she could see doing something like this. Yes! That's right, they were on a trip. She must have fallen asleep on the bus and they left her here as a joke! And then she would go find Mr. Kwong or some other teacher and tell them what happened, and then they would get punished! That had to be it.

But the Badlands weren't near any beaches, were they? She had no clue. Her head was throbbing, but most importantly of all, the water was still on her mind. Even though she was nowhere near it to feel it, she could already feel it surrounding her... cold, cold water...

Oh god.

As of this moment, Carol didn't even remember that she was on SOTF. All she knew right at that moment was that there was water, and she was just a few feet away from it.

She flipped her body to face away from all the liquid, and attempted to bring herself to her feet. Carol was only able to get herself on her feet for a few seconds, before falling down on the ground again. Oh god... she really did not be on this trip right now! As she fell, she screamed loudly.

This trip? Was hell.

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