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Hmm. Neither one of these two looked like they were particularly suited to her usual requirements. However, they would do for temporary company. They didn't seem threatening and even if they proved themselves dangerous she could take care of them with ease. She sat down and looked at the two of them, disinterest etched on her features.

Marion...whatever her last name was...had covered sports teams. Asked her a few questions, which she'd been more than happy to answer. Katelyn whoever she only knew by name and a few passing glances in the few classes they'd shared.

“You guys have any more information?”

"Of course everyone knows that. Kind of hard not to know, wouldn't you think? I thought information was a specialty of yours...Marion. Am I right? You wrote for the paper, didn't you?. As for extra information, I don't anything more than what we were told. To be honest I just woke up and took off walking." She looked around a bit, narrowing her eyes.

"Do these tunnels unnerve anyone else?"

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