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Even though most of the impact went straight for the object he was trying to take away from girl, he managed to put her on the ground. Too bad about the blade end of the stick which was now causing Rob a decent amount of pain in the stomach. Normally that kind of contact with a sharp edge would end up with a big scratch and maybe even small cut on the stomach, but thankfully the vest prevented any serious damage. It couldn't prevent hurting like a bitch though. At first, Rob grabbed his stomach in pain, but he quickly realized there was no time for it. That wasn't the first time he got hit there, whether in the fist fight or by a random elbow during match, he could deal with it. He had more important things to do, like a follow-up for example.

After raising up his head and using his arms to support his body, he noticed that Janet was a bit stunned as she definitely had to feel at least some of the impact from the tackle. Without thinking much more, Rob decided to take advantage of girls state. He quickly leaped toward her (which looked rather comically considering his position), attempted to grab and squeeze her right leg with one of his hand to give her something else to think about rather than a hockey stick in her possession, while the other hand tried to reach the stick and pull it away from Janet in one swift move.
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