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((Simon Telamon continued from One Lucky SOB.))

After checking out his map, Simon figured that the warehouse was the best place to look for a lock.

361, 361 ... This key has to have a purpose ... 361. He felt a familiar pain in his lower left leg. Simon didn't bother to stop. He always got phantom limb syndrome when he got nervous. Rubbing a fake leg wasn't going to do anything to relieve the pain. He just looked forward at the large building. He'd been able to use the compass he'd been issued to navigate his way north to the large building that lay ahead of him. He walked carefully over to the door, standing by the handle facing outwards so as not to be seen by anybody possibly inside and to see what was outside. Then, he carefully grasped the handle, pushed down slowly, and gently opened the door. He peeked in to see nothing but huge red and blue crates, but he heard something, faintly.

"I guess, we can find ourselves by using our flashlights. It's quite dark in here, so if we'll point it up, we could find ourselves by observing and following the light. But we don't have infinite supply of batteries, so I think we should just follow the air current. If you can guess which way the wind is blowing, you should have no problems with finding the exit, and we could meet there. What do you think?" Then after about ten seconds ...

"I'm Trevor. Pleased to meet you." Simon breathed a sigh of relief. They seemed friendly enough.

"Gary... Gary Griffith. Warn me up next time you want to jump out of the corner like that."

"Hello?" Simon called out as loudly as he could. "Anybody there?" (Although Simon already knew the fact, he figured he should act like he didn't know Trevor and his friend were there. He just hoped he was correct in his judgement.)
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