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Just as Gary was about to turn, the boy suddenly appeared from the corner. He just greeted Gary and introduced himself as Trevor, but with this kind of entrance he could just as well recite Latin poetry or shout 'Heil Hitler' and he would get the exact same result.

"Oh my fucking God!" Gareth shouted and raised his nightstick to attack the sudden silhouette. Thankfully he realized nothing happened and managed to lower his weapon, and take a few frantic steps back, losing his balance in the process and falling on his butt.


As soon as Gary got back on his feet, he taxed that 'Trevor' guy. He didn't look very threatening which was always a plus. There was something in his last sentence that bothered Gary, but he didn't exactly know why, and there was no reason to be unnecessary suspicious. Or maybe it was, but Gary was always way too trustful toward other people.

"Gary... Gary Griffith. Warn me up next time you want to jump out of the corner like that." The black haired boy said while forcing a smile on his lips.
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