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As the tall boy introduced himself as Erik Laurin, Mike noticed his weird behavior. All those random chuckles, nervous tone of voice. It took Mike a few seconds to figure it out, but he finally realized what's going on: Erik was afraid. When Mike was still covered behind the thick barrier of obliviousness about the program which still made his head think about SOTF as some sort of a bizarre dream rather than reality, Erik, and probably many more students scattered around the island were already suffering from their first breakdowns. He still wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing for him, as it will come later to bite him in the ass for sure. No matter how he would try to toughen up already, without being a witness to all those scary things it was futile.

After apparently getting hold of himself, Erik offered teaming up. Of course, Mike was more than glad to accept it. If there was one thing he was really afraid in life (except from bees, wasps and hornets), it was the fear of being alone.

"Sure, I think it would be stupid on my part to just go in there alone..."

Suddenly, a growling sound reminded Mike that it would be awesome to eat something.

"Excuse me..." He sat down and opened his daypack and looked at his food rations. Loaf of bread and crackers. Not much. Mike was known among his friends as a guy with a giant appetite, so he could only hope he'll manage not to eat everything outright. He torn of a small chunk of bread, stuffed it in the mouth and quickly drank a sip of water to cheat his stomach that he ate more food than he did in reality. As he stuffed his rations back into daypack he once again noticed that loose pill he took out earlier when he was looking for the painkillers, as well as two pieces of paper. One of was titled 'Mr. Danya's Guide to Survival', while the other had just one simple sentence on it:

B068 Designated weapon: Cyanide Pill

Mike looked at the pill once again.

"HOLY FUCK! I almost swallowed it as a painkiller just a moment ago."

Even though it was still probably a small taste of things to come, the feeling of narrowly avoiding death (even if it would be the most stupid kind of death possible) made his heart beating faster and his body to sweat. He stuffed the pill back in the daypack as deep as possible, and stared at the ocean with a blank look.

I... nearly died...

He shook his head, gulped the saliva gathered in his mouth and looked at Erik once again.

"S-so..." He said without previous calmness. "C-can you... Help me explain all the things going on here? I'm still kinda new to the whole concept as I barely heard about it a-anyway. I have this guide... But I doubt if it will tell me if there's a way out of here, of why this madness apparently is still going on for the fourth time..."
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