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John got monumentally confused by the next series of events. He was certain they were going to kill him but the girl was shouting
"D-don't...don't do anything stupid! I...I've g-got a gun!"
like she didn't know what to do with it, Jay was screaming and waving his gun around - generally spazzing out about the entire thing and the guy behind John was...

"Um....yo... Um yeah, I'm not playing. Don't know if you are, my name's Daniel Vaughan, you might of seen me around, I know you, forget your name though, sorry. He's Jay. So, could you not shoot me, that would be awesome"

Introducing himself?

'What the fuck is going on here?!' John screamed in his own head, risking a look up. The frightened girl was still holding his weapon and Jay was holding his ready to shoot.

"Okay, that's fantastic. You hear that? That's fantastic! Fantastic! Now, drop the gun, let's everyone just- just like, calm the fuck down for a second! Okay, let's try this again, let's all just... drop our guns..."

And then he wasn't...

"Can I get up...?" he asked, his voice croaking and sounding a LOT quieter than he intended. They'd probably laugh and kick him. Kids were cruel - kids who were being threatened with head-based explosions were probably worse.

"I... I didn't load the shotgun... I kinda didn't think I'd need to use it..." he explains, getting up slowly, rubbing his back where it was kicked. "I just woke up and... She was shouting, so I came to look... It all kinda went to shit."
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