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The distraction worked... Kinda. Instead of losing a few seconds to ponder the situation, she decided to lose a bit more of them by... Gloating? Never mind, the result was satisfying.

Rob used the time to made final preparations for the charge. Most of his body was ready before, so he just adjusted his body a bit, bent his knees a bit more and got prepared for a quick dash toward Janet.

He noticed that immediately after delivering her speech, the girl made a few steps back. Shouldn't be a problem, but letting her any more time to get even more distance would be a mistake. Rob tensed his muscles.


"If you're not going to commit, you should leave." Janet continued her speech.


"You will not be able to take th..."


Without even bothering to hear the last part of the sentence, Rob's body sprung like a spring, and he made a wild run for Janet. And whether the girl decided to fight back or run away, that fast start was the only thing he needed. As the distance became satisfying for him, the 6'5" giant used his speed, momentum and his body to close the distance to 0.00 meters by performing a tackle. He obviously wasn't as skilled as football players on that field, but as long as he could just tackle the girl down to the ground, he should have this one in hands.
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