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Her breathing was starting to steady, and Andrea was trying to look at the positives of her current situation. Not the whole situation at large, she wasn't quite ready for that. Just the current situation.

For example, at least Nick Reid clearly wasn't one of those kids who shot into happy-psycho-I KEEL YOU mode right after awakening. And at least she wasn't actually wearing an SOTF shirt thanks to school policy, that would make things even more uncomfortable. Yeah, Andrea needed all the positives she could get, given that she was facing an angry teenager who had a convenient and probably unsympathetic target at his feet, one who had just woken up and didn't know what her weapon was and only had one shoe and-- a plan?

Oh yeah, don't be TOO think with laying on the venom, Nick Reid.

But a plan?

Did she have one? Or anything that could remotely resemble one?

"Plan? Uh, plan, plan, plan... OK, I uh, can tell that this is a, uh, a really crappy situation for you, well and for everyone of course, and if you really want to know..."

Andrea trailed off and shook her head. Yeah, this wasn't working. "Look, I just woke up, seriously lemme think about that a couple minutes. There's, uh, there's always plans and stuff..."

Ugh. That would just leave him brimming with confidence in regard to her insight and cunning. At least she was calming down. A bit. She glanced down at her bag again, aware that she wasn't the only one doing so. 77. That SO had to be on purpose. Maybe when she got some time to think she could figure out whether it was a joke or a good omen.

And speaking of her bag, Nick delivered another oh-so-hilarious quip, before half-asking, half-telling her to open it. He didn't miss a beat, did Nick Reid. Ah, and then there was a smashing sound in the bushes. This was just getting better and better.

"It's uh, it's someone all right, they're pretty close. Ummm, it's probably unlikely that they're gonna be someone that's a, uh, a player just yet, we're still pretty early... kay, I'm opening my bag."

Gingerly, she folded her legs and pulled the bag into her lap. As she drew the zipper, Andrea felt her heart rate shooting back up. Well, it WAS exciting, even if that was one tidbit she wouldn't express to Nick in a million years. There was no way of knowing whether she'd been given an awesome gun or a box of condoms or... a black plastic jug.

What the hell was that, motor oil or something? She drew the surprisingly heavy container out for a closer look.

"I got, uh, five pounds of gunpowder."

OK. She'd think more about that later. And really, on one level she was relieved not to be yanking out an Uzi in front of Nick just because of how he might react. Plus, with that out of the way she could feel her pulse once again retreating to levels less associated with sudden heart attacks or strokes.

Andrea put the gunpowder back in her bag and decided to chance standing up. And as she did, to chance showing some actual backbone.

"OK, look Nick, I really seriously don't know what you want me to say here. I mean, what, do you want me to be all, I dunno, 'oh alas, how tragically ironic that now I'm on Survival of the Fittest, this is truly my comeuppance for being a fan of the show'?" She hefted the SOTF bag on her shoulder. "But I, uh..."

Andrea shifted her balance uneasily on one bare foot. Hopefully she'd find her other flip-flop, but at least she had her Vans in her personal bag and--

--her bag.

---her fucking drugs.


No, don't panic, she couldn't go diving through her own bag right now because that would not look good at all, she'd just check inside when she could because it's not like they'd disappear or reappear if she opened her bag now or five minutes from now and ugh, she could feel that pulse of hers starting another journey up the scale.

"Uh.... but yeah it's fine if you're pissed but seeing as how I actually know the show and everything, I might be able to help you, OK? OK, Nick? Just, like I said, I need to think about this kind of shit. And we should figure out what to do about whoever's out there, because I think they're pretty close."
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