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Marion put her hands up in an attempt to block the light that was now shining in her face, then quickly moved them to her ears as whatever Katelyn had let out a squeal and then dropped to the floor. Marion was grateful when Katelyn finally moved the light from her eyes, although now on top of the darkness, she was seeing spots too. She blinked rapidly trying to clear her vision.

"Sorry," she replied, "I guess I got a little startled there..."

“Yeah, I think this whole situation is enough to make us all on edge,” Marion replied turning to face the newcomer who’d joined them. Wow, this is one busy cave, she thought to herself. Although now that she looked around in the light, it looked more like a mine than a cave. She shrugged and filed that information away for the time being.

"Hey! Either of you know what the hell's going on," the athlete, something Bennet asked them. She’d covered most of the sports teams at one time or another, and knew that Bennet had been on a couple.

“Apart from being stuck here in this cave or mine or whatever, I don’t know much else. Well, I mean I don’t know much else, besides what we all know about this being SOTF,” Marion said. “You guys have any more information?”
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