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"Unbelievably so. I don't suppose you have a lighter on you?"

Charlene smirked as the black haired blazer boy jokingly asked for a lighter before he went into some spiel about how it was possible to get out of the game so long as they exposed themselves (Which seemed weird. Wouldn't you want to keep an escape plan secret?), and then started writing on a piece of notebook paper, passing it around. It was then that the tall guy with the scars started to speak.

"Look, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have to be ready for players, somebody is going to be playing. Shit, according to Alex's doohickey, we already lost one, probably more. I got a gun, which I should point out to you guys is loaded and armed, just in case you think of taking me out." Jon sighed, "sorry, I don't trust you, granted I didn't trust you guys back at Bayview, so yeah. Alex here got some GPS with the locations of everyone else, and you got that sword Pete." It was then that he turned to Charlene, gun pointed at her.

"I don't know what you got, but I honestly hope you are more than the dumb bitch you seem to be, if you would excuse my bluntness. Sorry for pointing it out, we may not escape, in fact we probably won't escape, however there's people here I want off this island, I'm sure the same holds true for all of you as well." Then the guy with the sword, presumably Pete, started to speak about tanks and cars or something. As he passed the note back to Alex, Charlene reached out and read the note, cocking her eyebrow as she did so.

What the ... is he really expecting us to pull this off?

Charlene started writing on the paper. The thing that nobody (not even Charlene herself) knew was that Charlene wasn't as dumb as she was made out to be. In reality, all the partying she did subjected her to a sort of mental atrophy. As she never applied herself, she never did that well in class. However, she was prone to flashes of intelligence.

Tell me how we can get our coordinates. As far as I know, that thing only shows where people are. And even if we find out where we are, how to we tell anyone who's watching? As she gave back the paper, she spoke to Jon, annoyed.

"Well, I'm so glad for the vote of confidence in my abilities. It's only too bad that I have this." She reached into her jeans and pulled out the pistol, waving it around so that the two of them could see it (she had only just now realized that Pete had left). "So yeah, Alex, I guess if I use this right, I do have a lighter."
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