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Dave put his free hand in his pocket, wanting to keep his knife closeby in case the emo chick decided to take her anger out on him with the crazy triple nunchuck thing she was carrying.

When she turned around, Dave could see why she just went postal on a mirror. Aside from what must've been her 'gothic' smudged make-up, her hair was covered in chunks of puke and god knew what else she'd put in it.

God, she looks like a fucking mess right now.

"What do you THINK I'm angry about? You have three guesses. First two don't count. And the last one involves a fat slob."

"Oh man, I don't think I know this one..." Dave said, getting ever so slightly pissed off by the emo chick already, despite the fact he'd only just met her. "Give me a second to think this one through, alright? I wanna use my guesses wisely and all that crap."

"Right, so my first guess is that you're pissed off 'cause the lead singer of your favourite band is going out with some chick that ain't you." Dave said, slowly walking back, trying to put some distance between the two of them. "Second guess is that the shiny collar 'round our necks ain't fashionable this season."

"Right, so I guess now's the one that counts, right?" Dave was backing off much quicker now, having no idea how she was gonna react. "You're pissed off you got thrown on the trip at the last second and ended up in this shit when you could be at home listening to MCR right now?"

"Oh, by the way." Dave said, backing off a bit more. He figured he could never really be too careful about that. Scrawny emo chick or not the weapon she was holding had quite a range. "You've got puke in your hair."
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