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Jay watched helplessly as John was dropkicked from behind and was sent sprawling into the clearing, his shotgun clattering to the feet of the girl. The boy, with long red hair likewise came flying into view and crashed a little ways away from John. His mouth hung open.

The fuck. Just. Happened.

Jay panicked and grabbed for the Nambu pistol, laying by his side. By the looks of things, diplomacy was failing.

Oh God, this is gonna turn into a Grade A shitfest... it already has. But even more high octane shit!

Before Jay knew it, he had jumped out from behind cover, and Nambu Pistol first was rushing towards the group. His body was shaking even as he ran towards them, his heart felt like it was going to explode out of his chest.


More than any other decision thus far, Jay regretted this one. What could he do to calm these people down? Who would listen to the party boy waving around a pistol?

Is this gun even loaded?

"Stop! Fuckin' crap, stop!" He cried out as he ran forward, his throat raw with fear.

And then, just like that, Jay was flying through the air. He couldn't really say what it had been, most likely a rogue tree-root, but the result was undeniable. Jay Holland pitched forward and rolled into the clearing, gripping the gun and crying out in pain. He didn't try to stay down long. With a desperate cry Jay swung about on his back so he could face the others. As the dust and dirt kicked up about him, he swung the gun towards the boy with red hair.

"You, Jackie -fucking- Chan! Stay the fuck down!" He screamed at him. He whiped the gun over towards John. "John, you too! Everyone just chill your balls for a sec! ONE SEC!"

But even as he spoke, Jay watched the Spanish Girl dart down and snatch up the dropped Shotgun. She raised it and pointed it between John and the Red Head.

Oh man, this is just like Reservoir Dogs. This is like a fuckin' Mexican Standoff...

"D-don't...don't do anything stupid! I...I've g-got a gun!" The Girl cried out in fear. Jay cursed, she didn't look like she had any idea how to work it, much less hold it. She'd probably be more likely to blow off her tits rather then actually put that gun to any use. He could feel his face drain of color. He raised his hand and frantically waved towards the girl, motioning for her to put it down.

Oh Man, I can't shoot a girl. CHRIST, I can't even shoot a guy! I'm in way over my head, WAY FUCKING OVER.

"Hey! You too! Drop the shotgun! I mean, just- Christ! Nobody kill each other!" He yelled again, his voice cracking slightly. He had no idea what he sounded like, but he was pretty sure they could see the fear just underneath the surface.

Do these people have fuckin' balls of steel that they don't comprehend the fact they have A LOADED SHOTGUN POINTED AT THEM!? This school is more fucked up than I thought...

The Red Head began to speak, introducing himself.

"Um yeah, I'm not playing. Don't know if you are, my name's Daniel Vaughan, you might of seen me around, I know you, forget your name though, sorry." He gestured towards him. "That's Jay."

What? I know this guy? Where do I know this guy from? Was he at a party or something? Why is he so calm when we're pointing guns at everyone?! And if you're not playing, why the fuck are you running around dropkicking people in the back of the head!?

"So, could you not shoot me, that would be awesome."

Jay gave a nervous laugh. This entire situation was growing darkly humorous. Jay's eyes flickered between the Spanish Girl and Daniel.

"Okay, that's fantastic. You hear that? That's fantastic! Fantastic! Now, drop the gun, let's everyone just- just like, calm the fuck down for a second!" He shouted. He wasn't making a very good example he realized. How could he when some chick was waving around a shotgun?

"Okay, let's try this again, let's all just... drop our guns..." Jay said, lowering his weapon.
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