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Can you hear me?
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((GMing approved by Mimi))

Kitty (that was the blur's name) was indeed going to help her. But wait, was it all an act? After all, it wasn't as if everyone could be honest. Kitty.... that name did ring a bell. Chase guessed that she must have been in one of her classes. Kitty was laughing, and she was friendly, but what if she ended up, well, participating?

"Are you sure you aren't-" Chase started to say, but suddenly she could see another blur approaching. Who was that? But, it obviously wasn't good, as a few seconds later, it raised something, and said “Hands up, packs out, bitches”.

That gave her an idea of what was going on, and immediately Chase grabbed the black blurry bag sitting next to her, even though she was not sure if it was hers, and held it to her chest for dear life. As of this moment, someone was trying to take their stuff, most likely. And oh god, what if that thing that it lifted was a gun? It sure looked like a gun, judging by the shape of the blur. It was most likely a rifle. Oh god... someone was pointing a gun at them and asking them to take out their bags. They were getting robbed. And that, of course, was never a good thing.

Wait. Chase could recognize that voice. Was that Nancy? Chase didn't know her very well, but she knew enough about her to dislike her. In a way, she was a perfect demonstration of what was wrong with the world sometimes. She knew that "Gracie" had a bit of a reputation for being petty, cruel and greedy. Heck, it was common knowledge that she wasn't exactly a nice person. And so, of course, Nancy always looking out for herself, well, it wasn't surprising that she was going to play in the terrorists' little game.

Chase just sat there, frozen in fear. Oh, how she wanted to run! But, her body was not answering her desire to just bolt for it, and so, she remained where she was. After a few seconds, she glanced at the blur named Kitty, to see what she was doing. Soon enough, she could see Kitty's shape taking out a large green object of some kind, as a sigh came out from the blur. Chase had no clue what it was, until Kitty started talking again. Yes, that was indeed Nancy who was currently threatening them, and Kitty started explaining that it was a smoke grenade. Oh, so that's what that was. Chase stared at that green object. Was Kitty really going to toss that at her? What would happen?

"Uh..." Chase whimpered, and looked back at the blur she assumed was Nancy. "I hear those things can be quite dangerous, you know... can get quite hot...."

She knew Nancy would not step down even after seeing another weapon. Heck, Chase was scared of her wits, and once again wasn't thinking straight. But, she could see another blur walking up to their attacker. Was it an accomplice? Another attacker? Someone who could help them?

Chase got her answer when she heard a male voice from their direction, and Nancy replied with a "DON'T CALL ME NA--HURK!"

Apparently the blur had hit her with its... arm? Well, anyways, Nancy was now on the ground, having been hit over the head.

Chase, run! She's distracted!

She lifted herself off the ground, and she started to attempt to run past the two blurs. Since she would be busy with the other two, it was a good idea to run. As she burst past them, she could see a red and black shape resting a couple of feet away. Was that it? The shape seemed a little too odd to be her backpack. Of course, she could not see as well as everyone else right now, so she did not know that it was indeed it.

However, before Chase could get this information or get the hell out of there, she felt something tugging on her leg, causing her to fall to her stomach. Almost on impulse, she looked behind her, and saw another person shaped blur. Nancy?! Did she trip on her? Whatever it was, Nancy now was very close. Chase attempted to kick her away almost right away, though she wasn't sure if it would hit, seeing as she was still only a pattern of fuzz right now.

"GET AWAY!" she screamed extremely loudly.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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