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Cyrille smile as the two boys accepted her. She felt safe knowing that she had some help. It was also nice that one of the boys was armed with a weapon. She figured she could trust them to help her find Violetta.

”Thank you both so much… I’m not sure what I would have done if you haven’t helped me honestly.” She started. ”As for your question I’m looking for Violetta Lindsberg. She’s my girlfriend. I greatly appreciate it if you guys would help me find her. She means the wor-“ She was cut off when a branch snapped some distances away.

Like Gar she turned around to face the newcomer. Of course unlike him she wasn’t arm but instead terrified as hell. She quickly approaches the boys in case someone dangerous was coming. At least then Gar could protect her. Eventually he called the person out and came out a terrified girl. Cyrille sigh with relief. Without consider it she simply walk forward to the girl.

”Are you alright? My name is Cyrille… Look we won’t attack you right Gar, Saul?” She said turning around to face the two boys.
While I am not taking the pledge myself, I suggest that everyone should give this a read.

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