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As Daniel's leg hit the back of the larger boy, his immediate thoughts were that he should of through this through more, he landed on the ground, staring at the other two, one of whom had dropped his gun and was staring in shock and the girl had grabbed the shotgun and was now pointing it at Daniel.

Daniel held up his hands, "Um....yo" He was going to die, wasn't he, he couldn't hit a girl, it went against his nature. The red-head stepped forward slowly, moving towards the girl as he ignored the kid on the ground ranting. "Um yeah, I'm not playing. Don't know if you are, my name's Daniel Vaughan, you might of seen me around, I know you, forget your name though, sorry." he pointed at the other guy who now being closer, he realized was Jay Holland. "He's Jay"

The gamer stopped moving. "So, could you not shoot me, that would be awesome"
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