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That first boy...John, his name was? He seems nice enough...even waving a big gun like that around. He looks so...harmless. He's not gonna shoot me. Why on earth should he? And this other boy...

Maria almost laughed, but doing so would've blown her cover, wouldn't it? He's like, ten times more afraid than I am! Pathetic, really. He's the one with the gun, what's he so worried about? I'm the one with the postcard...ugh...he won't shoot me either. Though having him point a gun at her was enough to make her nervous for at least a few seconds.

Then that second boy- he seemed familiar, at least as someone that Maria made a point not to talk to. Something with a J?- found cover behind a tree. Seemed like a good plan, kind of pathetic but whatever- he dropped his gun, probably not so smart, and-


By the time Maria turned back to John, he was on the floor. She screamed for the third time in so many minutes. For a moment, she thought he might be dead- someone had shot him in the back. But, she figured, she would have heard that-

Maria didn't really have much time to ponder, as there was another boy behind John, the one who'd knocked him down, and now John's shotgun was lying on the floor-


It was practically instinct that led Maria to grab the gun, even though it was practically bigger than she was. She took several steps back, holding it on her shoulder, pointing it at the boy who'd just arrived. Should I run off...? No, I have no clue how to use this thing...no ammo either. Ugh, this whole playing the victim thing is getting on my nerves... She kept the act up though, forcing a stutter into her voice.

"D-don't...don't do anything stupid! I...I've g-got a gun!"
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