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"Hey! John! Johnny! I-it-It's me, Jay!"

John recognised the guy as soon as he said his name, but had lower the shotgun slightly as Jay leapt behind a tree.

"Look, my gun is down! Put your gun down! Let's, let's just chill for a bit, yeah...?"

John watched the gun fall to the ground and felt a lot better about this whole thing. Maybe he could use the shotgun as a deterrent and just try to outlive everyone else. Except Celeste. She deserved to live. Of course, that could just have been the whole 'love the only girl who puts out for you' thing. Nonetheless, that thing was strong.


John blinked, not having time to come out of his thoughts and turn to look before he was kicked in the back. He let out a grunt of pain, the shotgun flying out of his hands and landing at Maria's feet. There's a 'tic' but nothing else happens. John hadn't loaded it, nor pumped the pump-action.

John himself landed face-first on the ground, small stones scraping his skin and dirt covering his face, hands and clothes. The wind was knocked out of him but the pain he felt was nothing compared to the fear he suddenly felt.

'It was a set-up! They're gonna kill me! So much for No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded! Fuck you, mom! Your crappy advice just got your son killed! Is that why you got pregnant again? To replace me?! You didn't want me to fuck Celeste again! You planned this all!'

His thoughts were all over the place but his body was frozen in place, not wanting to suffer before he died.
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