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[[Hayley Kelly continued from We're All Guilty Anyways]]

Hayley made a face.

Fuck, maybe me and Maddy would have been better off planning a bit more, first? Where the fuck are we even going? Rescue mission my ass, we don't even know where Ema is...we don't know where anything is. Shit, don't we have a map? Why the fuck aren't we- oh yeah, that won't help seeing as we DON'T KNOW WHERE WE'RE TRYING TO GO. Fuck this fucking game, fuck all of it, ugh...I need a fucking cigarette...

She held her sword tight under her armpit as she pulled the second cigarette from her pack, lighting it and taking a long, steady pull before exhaling. She took a look at Maddy, to make sure the other girl was okay, before continuing to walk.

The cottage they'd been in seemed to be quite close to a giant, gorgeous mansion. They'd considered taking it as their next destination, but they figured holing up in a mansion was just as bad as holing up in a cottage. Besides, they'd be at all sorts of tactical disadvantages going in. So that was out. They'd kept going, and found themselves...well...here. It's like fucking Club Med up in this shit. A tennis court? A putting green? Wonder how they got whatever rich asshole that lived here to leave...probably blew his head off. Heh...

Hayley sighed. There was something hilarious about winding up on a rich man's 'fitness center' in the middle of fucking Survival of the Fittest, but she was too tired to laugh. Right now their goal was to find people...people...

Oh look, people. Fuck, well, Ema's not there, maybe we should just-holy fuck!

"ALEX!" Hayley shouted, spotting him amongst the other students. She grinned- he was the perfect person to have on her side. Loyal to a fault. She motioned to Madelyn to follow as she ran towards him, cigarette held tight in her hand-

She slowed. He was standing with another boy, and he had a gun. Someone else was there too...Charlene. Hayley knew her by reputation.

But more urgently- there was a boy with a gun.

Hayley stopped in her tracks about ten feet away with them. "Hey, uh, I don't know who you are, but I'm not here to, like, kill you or anything. Just here to bother this asshole," she said, motioning towards Alex. Even as she said so, she didn't loosen her hold on her sword.

Fuck...please don't do anything stupid, man...
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