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((Debut of B056: Nathan Choultard))

Nathan Choultard woke up and felt like a Raggity Anne doll. He found himself propped up slight on one stump, his ass was on a fallen log and his left leg hung precariously on another stump in the distance. He felt like he had his lights punched out and was only now waking up from his mini-coma.

It took Nathan about five tries to properly sit up, but eventually he found himself sitting on the stump behind him, attempting to massage his very sore back.

Where the hell am I?

He blinked and tried to wipe the sleep out of his eyes when he realized that his glasses were in the way. Nathan paused for a moment staring at his hand. Why would he sleep with his glasses on, who sleeps with their glasses on anyways?

He sat there for a good five minutes just staring at his hand as if it was going to be able to tell him why
he was on a stump in the middle of nowhere. It was then that his memories returned to him.

He was sitting in a chair, tied up and he remembered having to watch...some video something about killing your classmates...and then...

"Holy shit..."

Then he watched as some of his favourite teachers, not to mention the rest of the faculty that chaperoned with them, were all dead...

So now what he was supposed to do...

Nathan looked around and saw that there was a pair of bags to his left. A tan bag with B057 stencilled on and a large duffel bag right next to it. He looked inside the duffel bag first and found inside it...

A pistol with some ammunition and a manual.

So it was all real...

He put his hands to his forehead and sighed. He had always wanted to find a way to be different from his brother and let his parents realize that he wasn't Geoffrey...

He got exactly what he wished for, and he hated it. His hands bunched into fists and he kicked the fallen log in front of him.

"God fucking damn it!"
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