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As Sarah wrapped her arms around Dutchy's back, he could feel his heart pound faster. Something was up. Something he didn't quite grasp. His memories felt murky, and he was growing more paranoid by the second. It was bugging the crap out of him, but he was beginning to think it would be better to not know the truth.

Did we crash on the beach? But we were in cars! Cars can't swim! This is wrong, this isn't a 'Glad to see you!' hug, it's a 'Dutchy, a bus full of orphans just died' hug...

"Dutchy... I'm s-sorry" Sarah began, but then Jason launched into his explanation. Dutchy could feel his blood freeze in his veins. The world skidded to a halt.

"Welcome to Survival of the Fittest."

The Video. The screaming. The gunfire and splashing blood. He didn't need the full explanation. He knew as well as anyone what Survival of the Fittest was, what it meant.

A tiny barely audibly whimper escaped his mouth. He was vaguely aware that Jason was still talking, but he was in his own little world.

This is it. This is... this is my reality. My life is over. I'm 18, and my life is over. Sarah is here, Sarah is going to get hurt. Roland is going to get hurt. Everyone. Jason, Clio, Brendan, Hayley, Rashid, Harun, Vera, Madelyn, Alan... Someone I know is going to hurt my friends, hurt ME. And if we don't fight, if we don't hurt them then...

The collar seemed to tighten around Dutchy's neck. He realized he'd been holding his breath and gasped for air awkwardly. Jason was still talking, the world was blurring together.

I never got to see Iceland.

Suddenly, Dutchy was vaguely aware that Sarah had let go of him and had stormed off to get her bags. Dutchy wobbled on his feet, but remained standing. He glanced over at her, he felt his eyes getting wet. He blinked back tears. He couldn't cry. He couldn't.

Sarah is gonna' get hurt. Sarah, who was always nice to me, who only wanted to help people. Someone is going to hurt her, and I'm going to have to w-wat...

"C'mon Dutchy." Sarah said, giving Jason a curt smile. Dutchy snapped back to reality, and watched as Sarah headed off down the beach towards Roland. Dutchy closed his mouth. His head was spinning. He turned back to Jason.

"Sorry... I... I don't feel so well all the sudden. Excuse me, V-Vi-Viđ sjáumst, Sj-Sjáumst síđar..." He mumbled before grabbing his bag and harpoon, and stumbling after Sarah.

This isn't happening, Jason is just mistaken is all. This is Bayview. No one hurts each other at Bayview. We just got lost, and maybe... maybe I took a nap on the beach, and forgot what was happening. He's just confused, that's impossible...
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